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Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning

10-years REAP anniversary celebration and the Holcim Study Sustainability Award ceremony on November 22 2019!

We cordially invite you to the 10th anniversary of our international M.Sc. Programme REAP at HafenCity University Hamburg on Friday, November 22nd 2019. Students, faculty, alumni and alumnae and guests — we sincerely hope you will join us — are celebrating, renewing old and forming new ties.


Since 2009, we have international students from all over the globe to learn about, explore and develop sustainable solutions for the built urban environment. Key of the REAP programme is the encounter of people from different continents, cultures, and professional backgrounds that enrich each other’s and our learning experience. Many of our graduates stay in Hamburg and Germany, putting their expertise to work in a variety of interesting positions. Many of them return to their home countries and do good work there, forming a growing network spanning the globe. 


Please have a look at the enclosed programme for the 22nd November. We would like to particularly invite you to our World Café bringing together students, faculty and experts from outside university, to discuss strategies for making our urban environment more sustainable, and to explore what our REAP degree programme — in collaboration with you — can contribute to that goal. We hope for your impulses and can bring some ideas to you, too, in turn. It will be a great networking occasion.


Location:  HafenCity University Hamburg, Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 20457 Hamburg
When: 22.11.2019
Registration: 10-years-reap(at)hcu-hamburg.de


The Master of Science Degree Programme REAP – “Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning” is an international and interdisciplinary programme at HafenCity University Hamburg that is concerned with sustainable planning on different scales.

It aims to enable participants to promote sustainable architecture and urban development in different geographical and cultural settings.

Lectures and seminars are grouped around the central project work: real-time, real-world case studies, in which students, with help and guidance from faculty, develop recommendations and solutions for applied tasks. 

The REAP programme consists of 17 study modules taught over 2 academic years. During their studies, REAP students will obtain knowledge and skills within the following areas:

- Sustainability  
- Water, Material and Energy Cycles in the city 
- Resource efficient urban technologies and infrastructure  
- Economics and administration of buildings and urban services  
- Legal and policy instruments  
- Urban Planning on different scales
- Skills development: dimensioning, preception, assessment
  and decision making in the field of sustainable
  resource technologies
- Research methods and decision support techniques

REAP is not an architectural design course.

The master course is not focused on a single discipline -
it is interdisciplinary and
follows an integrative and multidimensional planning approach.


REAP - Project II 2020

In Project 2 in the 2nd semester students have to prove that they are able to work on bigger and interdisciplinary exercises in a short fixed period with a challenging workload of 10 creditpoints. The main emphasis of the projects is the independent work of the students and are carried out as a group work. However, due to the corona virus the summersemester 2020 was very special. All inputs and achievements had to be realized in a digital format and an on-site final poster presentation was not possible. Because of the high quality of work that was done by the students during the whole course we decided to show up with some examples of the created posters in this module. The posters represent a nice summary of the findings. Please follow the link to have a closer look:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:


What our Students say


Watch the REAP Movie! Click here:

Workshop "Cairo - urban transformation"

Zentrum für umweltbewusstes Bauen

ZUB Kassel supports REAP with planning software